Basic info

Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) focused mainly on environmental education. It was founded in 1994 by Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz and it has been providing valuable knowledge regarding  environmental protection to the citizens of Poland ever since.

The Foundation has also been responsible for running and coordinating numerous projects and programmes, all of which have had one common goal – to raise awareness about environmental protection and sustainable development. One of our most prized accomplishments has been the successful promotion and coordination of the “Clean up the World” campaign in Poland.
Our other projects and programmes:
  1. Clean/Green Community - which encourages local communities and governments to implement sustainable and environment friendly waste management programmes
  2. International Clean Up Baltic - is an educational and informative campaign aimed at all inhabitants of Baltic countries, including the citizens of inland regions. Its aim is to continue to raise awareness regarding the issue of Baltic’s pollution
  3. My Strong Tree - within this project over 2 million new trees have been planted along with a wide educational and awareness raising campaign (that included schooling programme regarding trees and forests, climate change and water for teachers and their pupils)
  4. Let’s help the chestnut trees - which aim is to save chestnuts from extinction, which is being caused by horse chestnut leaf miner (a species of leaf-mining moth)
  5. Friends of the forests - which supports local actions concerning tree planting and education (about reforestation etc.)
  6. Gardens of Our Earth - which coordinates creation of natural gardens in kindergartens and schools all over the country
  7. Sentenced to ecology - which is a programme created to resocialize prisoners by promoting environmental protection among them
  8. Live, learn and thrive - which is a country-wide education programme about sustainable development
  9. Clean environment – enjoy the comfort - which is being run in schools in Konstancin-Jeziorna neighbouring towns near Warsaw. Its aim is to share information and knowledge about nature and environment
  10. Office with climate - is a programme aiming to educate various companies’ employees about reducing energy consumption and carbon neutral policy (reducing carbon dioxide emission). It allows to reduce the costs of running the company and helps the environment at the same time.
  11. School with climate - is a programme aiming to educate school teachers and their pupils about reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
  12. Climate for Earth, warmth for Warsaw - is an educational programme aimed at Warsaw and Pruszków citizens, that aims to inform them about climate change and ways to reduce our impact on the climate by reducing energy consumption.

The Foundation is also responsible for implementation of various other programmes in cooperation with companies such as Żywiec Zdrój S.A., Vattenfall, Metsa Tissue, Procter&Gamble, Coca Cola, Ricoh, Carrefour and many others. 
We also cooperate with foreign countries (e.g. Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) supporting and promoting the ideas of the Clean Up the World campaign in these regions. 
In 2001, for her invaluable merits and service to the field of ecological education, the Founder of Our Earth Foundation – Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz was awarded theKnight's Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta. Polish children awarded her with The Order of the Smile, and in 2005 she received the title ‘Polish Ecology Person of the Year’. 
The professionalism of Our Earth Foundation was been acknowledged with the “Golden Leaf” award granted by the Ministry of Environment (1996), Henry Ford European Conservation Award (1997), and “Pro Publico Bono" for the most deserving public initiatives (2002) and in 2006 took the 1st place as the best organization in the field of promoting recycling. 
It is worth noting that over 2 million volunteers participate every year in our projects and programmes.